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What is the owner's manuals for cars and why it'll be helpful for you

An owner's manual in PDF is a useful tool for anyone who owns or operates a car. It provides a wealth of information that can help you understand your vehicle and keep it running smoothly.

For example, the manual can provide information about the type of fuel your car requires, how to operate the vehicle's various features (such as the radio or air conditioning), and how to properly maintain the vehicle to ensure optimal performance. Some of the things you can find in an owner's manual include:

  • General information about the vehicle: This includes details about the make and model of the car, its specifications, and its features.
  • Maintenance instructions: The owner's manual will typically include a maintenance schedule that outlines when various services are required, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections.
  • Safety instructions: The manual will provide information about how to use the car's safety features, such as airbags and seat belts, as well as tips for safe driving practices.
  • Troubleshooting: The manual will include information about common problems that can occur with the vehicle and how to address them.
  • Warranty information: The owner's manual will include details about the car's warranty, including what is covered and for how long.

We bring you the biggest car hire names at very competitive prices because we are an internet based company offering:

  • Comprehensive after sales service & help
  • Genuinly discounted car hire - Average 10% discount on all cars
  • Protected online transactions with industry standard data encryption
  • Book via our dedicated reservations call centre
  • Committed to ensuring clients receive rental vouchers in good time
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Our commitment to delivering your rental voucher

We are committed to delivering your car rental vouchers promptly and in good time prior to your departure date :

for example: if you booked a car to be picked up in two weeks from the date of booking we would ensure that your car rental voucher would be with you at least 1 week prior to departure. Ensuring all clients rental vouchers are with them in good time is one of our primary concerns.

Discounts and Offers

Discounted car hire in the USA, Florida, California, Australia, Spain, UK, New Zealand and South Africa.

All inclusive car hire from destinations including; Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sardinia, Corsica, Southern Ireland, Jersey, Madeira, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, New York, Florida, California, Alaska, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Many car hire special offers apply in Europe. people on vacation from the united states, australia,new zealand, south africa, corsica, madeira, sardinia, spain, portugal, uk, france, jersey, southern ireland, alaska and canada can also take advantage of our discounted rates with auto rental being cheaper for holiday makers from canada, new york, california and florida in fact the whole of the united states. Airport car hire is an area in which we specialise in, so whether you are going to a destination in Europe such as sardinia, corsica, southern ireland, jersey, madeira, sweden, norway, denmark or spending your leisure time having a vacation in florida, california new york or anywhere in the usa you will be able to rely on us.

Comparing Airport Parking At All Major UK Airports.

So you're considering booking your car hire, but what about arranging for your car to be parked at the airport when you fly out? Many holidaymakers leave booking airport parking until the last minute, which is a big mistake. By pre booking and comparing the major airport parking suppliers costs you can save up to 60% on the 'arrive and pay' price.

For example, if you're looking for Gatwick airport parking or Heathrow airport parking you almost certainly need to pre book, not just to save money but to ensure you actually have a parking place because at busy airprots like these in the summer you could find yourself driving around many car parks before you find a parking space.

Click here to truly compare airport parking from UK Airport Car Parks.

General Car Rental Tips for all types of travellers

1. Choose a company based on rates, vehicle availability and service. If you're seeking an exotic car or anything more luxurious than a Lincoln Town Car or Cadillac DeVille, you'll need to call around well in advance. Keep in mind that vehicles rented at airports typically incur an airport tax or surcharge (this is included in our price). While you can avoid this surcharge by renting your vehicle from a non-airport location, you will usually have to arrange your own transportation to the rental office. Service is another consideration: If you previously had a pleasant experience with a company because of their efficient service or willingness to get you into a specific vehicle, use them again. Smaller, independently owned companies might be appealing because of their ultra-low rates or the availability of hard-to-find, exotic vehicles. You should, however, research these companies thoroughly before handing over your credit card. In addition, make sure that you plan around the company's operating hours. "Some [smaller companies] are not open 24 hours, so if you have a late flight, you might not be able to pick up the car when you want it. When you book through our site your dates are scanned immediately to check for bank holiday dates and odd hours, if any of these are flagged then you are notified, in some instances we may advise you to slightly change your pick up or drop off times to avoid any possible problems. Our booking engine also attempts to save you money by suggesting re shuffling your pick up and drop off times.

2. Make a reservation at least one week in advance if you can. "It tends to be the earlier the better. "As the booking pace increases, the rates can go up...." While booking earlier doesn't always guarantee a price break (during peak travel seasons, for instance), you're more likely to come out ahead. Find out about the company's cancellation policy when you make your reservation. Specifically, you want to know whether there is a cancellation charge and how much advance notice is required to avoid heavy penalties.

3. Put all additional drivers on the rental contract. Whenever you let someone not included in the rental contract drive the vehicle, you risk voiding the contract. Claims against the company's insurance coverage - and even your own personal insurance coverage - may be compromised." So swallow the added fees and put everyone in the contract. Most companies won't charge extra for your spouse, but you should ensure that his or her driving privileges are provided for in the contract.

4. Pre-pay or refuel it up yourself? Rental companies generally offer you the option of either paying for a tank of gas in advance (at a self-serve rate) and bringing the vehicle back empty or refueling it yourself. While the pre-pay option is certainly cheaper than returning the vehicle empty and paying the higher surcharge amount in the contract (per gallon), there is no guarantee that it will always be cheaper than refueling the car on your own. So, plan accordingly - if you know that you won't be using a full tank (250-300 miles), don't use the pre-pay option.

5. always inspect the vehicle thoroughly before you leave the lot. Since you could be held responsible for any damage to a rental car (beyond "normal wear-and-tear"), you should take a walk-around with the sales agent before driving off. Inspect the vehicle for existing dents, scratches and other damage, and make sure that anything you find is noted in the contract.

6. What if the vehicle is damaged? If your rental car is involved in an accident, most companies will require you to come to the rental office to file an accident report. Read your contract - you're usually required to file a report within a certain amount of time. Many companies will want a police report, as well, particularly if it was a major accident. Check your contract to see when this is required (if you're confident that you weren't at fault, it's definitely to your advantage to get a police report). All of this applies as well if your rental vehicle is vandalized or stolen. If your vehicle is damaged while in the care of a hotel's (or restaurant's) valet parking attendants, you'll need to work things out with the hotel before filing a report with the rental company. A cool head and a police report should get you through these situations with minimal aggravation.

7. Stick to the contract's terms. If there are mileage restrictions in your contract (and there often are), stay within them in order to avoid post-rental penalties. Further, you should steer clear of any restricted activities - putting snow chains on the tires, towing a trailer, off-roading, transporting people or property for hire, driving in Mexico (if the vehicle was rented in the U.S. or Canada) and the like - as they could jeopardize insurance coverage for any damage sustained by the rental vehicle. This applies specifically to insurance purchased from the rental company, but failure to adhere to the company's rules could complicate dealings with your own insurer, as well.

8. Return your rental car on time. Since car rental rates run on a 24-hour clock, you will incur extra charges even if you're only an hour late in returning a vehicle