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Fully Inclusive Danish Car Hire
Our Fully Inclusive Denmark car rental price includes the following:

  • Third Party Insurance
  • All Airport fees
  • Full Breakdown Cover
  • All local surcharges
  • Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
  • Unlimited mileage
The Car Hire Group

Car Hire from airports and cities in Denmark including Aarhus, Copenhagen, Billund, Esbjerg Airport, Odense and Ronne. The Car Hire Group also provide car rental from an extensive range of smaller towns and cities ,simply click on the link above to start.

Click on the link above for an immediate Denmark Car Rental online quote or to book securely online using our smart booking engine which scans your pick up and drop off times to see if you could save a whole days rental by possibly slightly changing them.

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Booking & receiving your car hire voucher:

Ordering your rental car is simple, just enter your car hire pick up & drop off locations, your dates and click the "Click to Quote" button. You will be shown several groups of cars all you have to do is select the group you're interested in. From here you will be shown all hire cars in that group along with the price for your rental period in GBP£. When you finally select the car you are interested in renting you will be then shown several options to the rental such as extra (baby seats, roofracks. cancellation cover etc..), just select any you require and continue. You will then be required to enter your own details such as address, flight number if required etc.. and finally you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay securely online. You will receive your car rental voucher via email immediately with your unique booking reference number and all other booking details. If your car hire start date is sooner than this then don't worry we will be in touch via telephone to arrange safe and speedy receipt of your rental voucher. If you have any questions etc.. regarding your booking or any other aspect of our car rental site then please call our dedicated call centre helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514 .

When you receive your voucher it will give full details of which fleet provider has been used and exact details of how and where to find their desk, if airport pick up then this will be in the airport arrivals hall.


Driving in Denmark

The minimum age of a driver is 18 years. Children under 3 years of age must be seated in a special child restraint. The use of seat belts is compulsory for front-seat passengers. The legal blood alcohol limit is 80 mg. Speed limits are as follows: 50 kph (30 mph) in built-up areas, 80 kph (50 mph) outside built-up areas, 110 kph (68 mph) on expressways, and 70 kph (44 mph) for cars with a caravan or trailer traveling outside built-up areas or on expressways.

If a line of triangles is painted across the road, it means you must yield. You must also yield to buses. Beware of bicyclists.

Headlights must be used at all times. Use your lights instead of your horn to signal warning in circumstances not involving immediate and extreme danger. When wiaitng at a level train crossing use only sidelights, headlights should be off.

Police are empowered to collect fines on the spot.

The Danish Tourist Board distributes a leaflet on intra- and international ferry services.

The completion of the new 18 kilometres-long Great Belt bridge and tunnel linking the islands of Sealand and Funen revolutionised the infrastructure of domestic travel with the first seamless surface connection all the way from the European continent to Copenhagen. The technological masterpiece includes the world's second longest suspension bridge (6.6 kilometres). The opening of the Øresund bridge and tunnel for cars and trains in 2000 now links Copenhagen with Malmö in Sweden.

Parking in Denmark
Parkering/Standsning/Stop Forbudt means no parking/no stopping; you are, however, allowed a three-minute grace period for loading and unloading when in such a zone. Parking discs allow parking for usually one hour and are required where no parking metres are in place in central Copenhagen. Discs are available at banks, fuel stations, post offices, tourist offices, and the motoring club (FDM) offices. Parking metres usually allow up to 3 hours of parking. metres are checked on weekdays from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday from 9am to 1pm, they accept 1 Kr and 25 øre coins. In other large towns, parking on the street is often restricted to one hour; this is indicated by the standard No Parking sign bearing the words 1-times zone. (A series of slashes across this sign indicates the end of the restriction.)

Fuel stations that are not in large towns often close at night; many, however, offer self-service pumps which accept 100 Kr notes 24 hours a day. Major credit cards are generally accepted. Leaded super petrol has an octane rating of 98. Unleaded petrol is known as blyfri benzin. Regular unleaded has an octane rating of 92; the octane rating of super is 95 or 98. Diesel is called dieselolie. LPG goes by its English name.

Foreign licences are accepted until their expiration date passes.


Helpful Information:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here to view the frequently asked questions. If these FAQ's do not help answer your queries regaridng Denmark car hire then please feel free to contact us with them.

The Car Hire Group:

Our aim is simple - to provide all inclusive car hire. Along side this we also aim to provide anybody wanting to rent a car a hands on helpful approach and to ensure all questions relating to rentals are answered.