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Fully Inclusive Car Hire in New Zealand
Our Fully Inclusive New Zealand car rental price includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • All Airport fees
  • All local surcharges
  • Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
  • Unlimited mileage
The Car Hire Group

Car Hire from airports and cities is includes the following locations; Auckland, Wellington, Wellington Ferry Terminal, Picton, Queenstown Christchurch. The Car Hire Group also provide car rental from smaller towns.

Booking & receiving your car hire voucher:

Ordering your rental car is simple, just enter your car hire pick up & drop off locations, your dates and click GO. You will be shown several groups of cars all you have to do is select from the tabs which hire car group you are interested in. From here you will be shown all hire cars in that group along with the price for your rental period in GBP£ and Euros. You can also select to change the currency to whichever suits you best. You can also get further details on each hire car by simply clicking on "info". When you finally select the car you are interested in renting you will be then shown several options to the rental such as extra (baby seats, roofracks. cancellation cover etc..), just select any you require and continue. You will then be required to enter your own details such as address, flight number if required etc.. and finally you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay securely online. You will receive an email confirming safe receipt of your car rental order. We will deliver your car hire voucher by post within seven days, if your car hire start date is sooner than this then don't worry we will be in touch via telephone to arrange safe and speedy receipt of your rental voucher. If you have any questions etc.. regarding your booking or any other aspect of our car rental site then please call our dedicated call centre helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514.

When you receive your voucher it will give full details of which fleet provider has been used and exact details of how and where to find their desk, if airport pick up then this will be in the airport arrivals hall.

Driving in New Zealand

Leaving aside the issues associated with motorways, which are pretty much the same everywhere, there are a few points to be made on the subject of driving in New Zealand, particularly on the North Island.

North Island roads were originally constructed in sympathy with the landscape, or more likely in capitulation to it. Measure the distance between any two points, and this will be significantly less than an odometer registers for the actual trip. In some countries it is possible to find roads that stretch out, straight and dead flat, to both horizons. Not here. Here it is possible to read the speed warning for the next corner on exiting the previous one.

Some of the more important roads widen every now and then to provide an overtaking lane. This feature is sometimes useful, but as a general rule milk trucks, caravans, tractors and 80kmh speed demons will only be encountered after the extra lane ends. It is theoretically possible to overtake in other places, but a surprisingly large number of white crosses on the roadsides are testament to the consequences of misjudging such a move.

There are sections of road in which it is possible to achieve the speed limit. The authorities have identified all of these, and, aside from the corners being a little further apart, they may be recognised by the presence of signs warning of speed cameras. These signs are mostly diversionary, the ratio of signposts to camera units equating to unbackably long tote odds, but speeding through a stretch which is covered by a camera is best avoided.

A real bonus for UK holiday makers to New Zealand is that petrol costs the equivalent of about 35p per litre!

Motor homes homes are popular and of course particularly suited to those who wish to explore New Zealand widely.

New Zealand's roads generally have light traffic away from cities. Most roads are good and well signed, however there are may roads in remoter unspoiled wilderness areas which are unsealed gravel. Speed limits are 100kph (~63mph) on main roads and 50kph (~31mph) in towns.

On motorways, the slower traffic is encouraged to keep to the left but passing on the left on a laned motorway is permitted. It is not permitted to hitch-hike or cycle on the side of the motorways.

Speed cameras, radar guns and laser speed detection devices are widely used by the Police in traffic enforcement and drink/driving regulations are strict. The police have a policy of random roadside checks in all areas especially at night.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here to view the frequently asked questions. If these FAQ's do not help answer your queries regarding your car hire then please feel free to contact us with them.

The Car Hire Group:

Our aim is simple - to provide all inclusive comprehensive airport car hire. Along side this we also aim to provide anybody wanting to rent a hire car a hands on helpful approach and to ensure all questions relating to rentals are answered.