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Fully Inclusive South African Car Hire
Our Fully Inclusive South Africa car rental price includes the following:

  • Third Party Insurance
  • All Airport fees
  • Full Breakdown Cover
  • All local surcharges
  • Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
  • Unlimited mileage
The Car Hire Group

Car Hire from airports and cities including the following locations; Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, George. The Car Hire Group also provide car rental from smaller towns, simply click on the link above to start.

Book now by selecting the location you wish to hire a car in, click on the button above to use our smart booking engine which scans your pick up and drop off times to see if you could save a whole days rental by possibly slightly changing them :

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Please call our reservations helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514 or simply book online.


Booking & receiving your car hire voucher

Ordering your rental car is simple, just enter your car hire pick up & drop off locations, your dates and click the "Click to Quote" button. You will be shown several groups of cars all you have to do is select from the tabs which hire car group you are interested in. From here you will be shown all hire cars in that group along with the price for your rental period in GBP£. You can also select to change the currency to whichever suits you best. . When you finally select the hire car you are interested in renting you will be then shown several options to the rental such as extra (baby seats, roofracks. cancellation cover etc..), just select any you require and continue. You will then be required to enter your own details such as address, flight number if required etc.. and finally you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay securely online. You will receive your car rental voucher via email immediately with your unique booking reference number and all other booking details. If your car hire start date is sooner than this then don't worry we will be in touch via telephone to arrange safe and speedy receipt of your rental voucher. If you have any questions etc.. regarding your booking or any other aspect of our car rental site then please call our dedicated call centre helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514.

When you receive your voucher it will give full details of which fleet provider has been used and exact details of how and where to find their desk, if airport pick up then this will be in the airport arrivals hall.

Driving in South Africa

The road infrastructure in South Africa is excellent, so driving is a viable option but South Africa is a huge country which is not easily traversed in a day, so plan your journeys carefully. If you're not used to driving long distances, rather break the journey, as fatigue is a major contributing factor in motor vehicle accidents.
All distances and speed limits are given in kilometres. The speed limit is 120km/h on the open road, 100km/h on smaller roads and 80 or 60km/h in urban areas. Be aware that the roads in some rural areas are not fenced so you could find dogs, chickens, sheep and even horses or cows on the road, so it may be dangerous to drive your rental car at night.

South Africa drives on the LEFT hand side of the road. The speed limit in South African urban areas is usually 60 km per hour, on rural road 100km per hour and on freeways 120 km per hour unless otherwise indicated. Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence and traffic laws are strictly enforced. Roads in South Africa are well sign-posted for the tourist. A valid driver’s license, provided the photograph is an integral part of the document, and provided it is printed in English, is accepted. If your license does not comply with these requirements, you should obtain an International Driving permit before your departure for South Africa.

PETROL (gasoline) Filling Stations
Filling stations are conveniently situated throughout the country. Unleaded petrol is available. Most filling stations are open 24 hours a day. Credit cards are not acceptable but most garages have ATM facilities. Service centers are found in the cities on most major roads with kiosks, restaurants and shopping facilities.

Procedure at a four way stop
If you are the only vehicle approaching the stop street, stop and make sure that there is no oncoming traffic before you proceed. If there is another vehicle already at the stop street, it has the right of way. If you stop at the same time as another vehicle, common courtesy applies and either vehicle may proceed first. Always ensure that your vehicle comes to a complete stop before you proceed.

Procedure at a traffic light
If the light is green, you may proceed. It is always advisable to slow down at a green light and check for approaching traffic. If you are turning right and the light is green, the approaching traffic has right of way. Wait for the approaching traffic to pass before you proceed. If you are turning left and the light is green, you may proceed. If the traffic light turns amber, slow down and stop.

Identifying arrows at a traffic light
A flashing green arrow indicates you may turn in the direction indicated. A flashing red arrow on your left indicates that you may turn if no other traffic is approaching. A steady red or green arrow indicates that you may proceed with caution. When traffic lights are out of order, please treat the intersection as a four way stop.

Approaching a traffic circle
Always yield at a traffic circle. Vehicles already in the traffic circle and those vehicles entering the circle on your right have the right of way. Proceed with caution only once all vehicles on your right have passed. Note that all vehicles already in the circle have right of way.

It is illegal to park a vehicle on the opposite side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

Mobile Phones
It is illegal to operate a mobile phone with one hand whilst driving.


Helpful Weather Information:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here to view the frequently asked questions. If these FAQ's do not help answer your queries regarding South African car hire then please feel free to contact us with them.

The Car Hire Group:

Our aim is simple - to provide all inclusive comprehensive airport and city car hire. Along side this we also aim to provide anybody wanting to rent a car a hands on helpful approach and to ensure all questions relating to rentals are answered.