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Fully Inclusive UK Car Hire
Our Fully Inclusive UK car rental price includes the following:

  • Third Party Insurance
  • All Airport fees
  • Full Breakdown Cover
  • All local surcharges
  • Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
  • Unlimited mileage

Car Hire from airports, cities & ports including the following major locations; London, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Manchester, Dover, Bristol, East Midlands, Birmingham and Leeds. The Car Hire group also provide car rental from other smaller towns and cities such as Hull or Cardiff. Simply click on the button above to get instant online quotes and to book securely online.

Click on the link above to book securely online using our smart booking engine which scans your pick up and drop off times to see if you could save a whole days rental by possibly slightly changing them.

One Way Rentals within UK:

Available at all the following major locations and more. Just call us on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514 or book online.

Gatwick | Heathrow | London City | Luton | Stansted | Birmingham | Dover | East Midlands | Manchester | Newcastle | Leeds | Hull | Bradford | Glasgow | Edinburgh | Aberdeen | Liverpool

Booking & receiving your car hire voucher

Ordering your rental car is simple, just enter your car hire pick up & drop off locations, your dates and click the "Click to Quote" button. You will be shown several groups of cars all you have to do is select which hire car group you are interested in. From here you will be shown all hire cars in that group along with the price for your rental period in GBP£. You can also select to change the currency to whichever suits you best. . When you finally select the car you are interested in renting you will be then shown several options to the rental such as extra (baby seats, roofracks. cancellation cover etc..), just select any you require and continue. You will then be required to enter your own details such as address, flight number if required etc.. and finally you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay securely online. You will receive your car rental voucher via email immediately with your unique booking reference number and all other booking details. If your car hire start date is sooner than this then don't worry we will be in touch via telephone to arrange safe and speedy receipt of your rental voucher. If you have any questions etc.. regarding your booking or any other aspect of our car rental site then please call our dedicated call centre helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514.

When you receive your voucher it will give full details of which fleet provider has been used and exact details of how and where to find their desk.


Driving in the UK - Europe


Speed Limit

Speed limit on Motorway: 112kph/70mph Speed limit in Towns: 48kph/30mph Speed limit on major roads: 96kph/60mph Speed limits are indicated by circular signs with the limit amount circled by a red band. Care should be taken as speed cameras are in operation on many major roads. The national speed limit (speed limit on major roads) is 60mph, the national speed limit in the UK sign is shown as a round white sign with a black diagonal cross through it.


Road Signs in the UK

UK Motorways have large BLUE signs with white lettering. A and most B roads (the next major roads ) have Green signs with white lettering. Each road junction will have a warning sign and where each road goes, at the junction there will be more signs and there will be confirmation signs when you take the junction with destination markers and miles to each at the beginning and along each major road. There is always a road sign. On minor roads there will be a finger post sign at the side of the road in each direction telling you what is in each direction and how far it is. The only problem comes in South Wales where everything is Llan-something then it gets confusing. If you are really lost stop at the local pub and ask for directions, you might get three different sets but you will also make new friends.

Some UK Requirements when Driving

What should I know about parking in the UK ? Yellow lines indicate parking restrictions. Nearby there will be a sign which details the exact parking restrictions, but typically a double yellow line means no parking at any time, a single yellow line means no parking from 8am to 6 30pm Monday to Saturday, and a broken yellow line means that there are few restrictions. You should check the nearest sign for details of these. Pay-and-display machines are common throughout UKs major towns and cities. In pay and display machines you need to put in the money for the required amount of time, collect a small ticket and display it CLEARLY on your dashboard. What is the minimum age for driving in Ireland? The minimum driving age in Ireland is 17. Can I use my domestic license in Ireland? You will not require an international drivers license if your license is in English. It is advised that if your license is not printed in English, you should have a translation. What documents may I need to carry? You are legally required to carry your driving license, insurance papers and registration papers (proof of ownership) with you at all times. If you have a hire car you will need to carry all the necessary documents with you also. If you fail to produce these documents the police may ask you to present them at a police station within a specified number of days.

UK drives on the left. You probably knew that already, but it’s hard to get the hang of when you get there. The best tip I can offer is the driver should keep himself aligned with the white line in the center of the road (not on it of course) if you find you are near the hedge you are on the wrong side. You will be driving a manual car since automatics are almost non existent in Britain - and after you have driven around the narrow roads and up the steep hills a bit you will understand why. Britain has a lot of hills - unless you go to Lincon or Norfolk- and many of these can be very steep. Make sure that you don’t change down too late or the car will run out of power before you reach the top of the hill. Some of the hills there can be as much as 1:4 which is pretty steep. There is one in Robin Hoods Bay Yorkshire which is 1.2. However they don’t let traffic down it anymore except for deliveries to the village, you have to walk. A great village going down but not coming UP! Try not to underestimate the hill or you will find you might have to get out and push. Also these hills often go around corners especially on the way down so take care on the brakes. Villages often have houses right on the street so make sure you give enough clearance or you could scrape the side of the car. Watch out for hidden driveway signs - the driveways really ARE hidden and often have mirrors set on poles so you can see if something is coming out and they can see you. Most drivers in Britain are quite good. In the UK tickets are given for bad driving not just speeding so the highway code is strictly adhered to. Don’t pass on the left. (inside) right its strictly enforced. Watch out for narrow bridge signs, they mean it. You won’t get more than one car across at a time. In the heartland where there is a large canal system the bridges are narrow and steep. In many cases you won’t be able to see the other side of the bridge from where you are as the rise is so rapid. Sound your horn before proceeding and don’t go very fast. If you do you can’t stop for the traffic that suddenly appears on the other side that you could not see. Also without oncoming traffic if you are driving too fast you might literally take off, jumping the downslope on the other side of the bridge. Most of the above points will occur more on secondary and minor roads, but in Britain a major road can be quite narrow and have any or all of the above features, so take care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here to view the frequently asked questions. If these FAQ's do not help answer your queries regarding your UK car hire then please feel free to contact us with them.

The Car Hire Group:

Our aim is simple - to provide all inclusive comprehensive airport and city car rental in UK. Along side this we also aim to provide anybody wanting to rent a hire car a hands on helpful approach and to ensure all questions relating to rentals are answered.