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Fully Inclusive USA Car Hire
Our Fully Inclusive USA car rental price includes the following:

  • Third Party Insurance
  • All Airport fees
  • Full Breakdown Cover
  • All local surcharges
  • Loss / Collision Damage Waiver
  • Unlimited mileage
The Car Hire Group

For you convenience we have split the USA up into its various states. When you click on the booking and quote link above you will then be able to select the exact US state you want to start your car hire in.

We provide car hire from cities and airports throughout the USA. The Car Hire Group also provide car rental from smaller towns, for instant online quotes for USA car hire and to book securely online using our smart booking engine which scans your pick up and drop off times to see if you could save a whole days rental by possibly slightly changing them.

You can either call our reservations helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514 or simply book online.


Booking & receiving your car hire voucher

Ordering your rental car is simple, just enter your car hire pick up & drop off locations, your dates and click the "Click to Quote" button. You will be shown several groups of cars all you have to do is select which hire car group you are interested in. From here you will be shown all hire cars in that group along with the price for your rental period in GBP£, you can also select to show prices in Euros or US dollars. When you finally select the car you are interested in renting you will be then shown several options to the car rental such as extra (baby seats, roofracks. cancellation cover etc..), just select any you require and continue. You will then be required to enter your own details such as address, flight number if required etc.. and finally you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay securely online. You will receive your car rental voucher via email immediately with your unique booking reference number and all other booking details. If your car hire start date is sooner than this then don't worry we will be in touch via telephone to arrange safe and speedy receipt of your rental voucher. If you have any questions etc.. regarding your booking or any other aspect of our car rental site then please call our dedicated call centre helpline on 0800 358 1229 quoting Ref : 72004514.

When you receive your voucher it will give full details of which fleet provider has been used and exact details of how and where to find their desk.

Driving in the USA

If you drive in the USA, remember that each of the 50 states has its own set of traffic laws and regulations. Fortunately, most of the laws are the same, but some states have slightly different rules. When you rent a car, you should ask the agent if there are any special driving rules in that state. When driving in multiple states, check a tour book for any special driving rules in each state. 

Maximum speed limits in all states
The speed limit in most states is now 65 miles per hour (about 110 km/hr) except where signs indicate slower speeds. Many drivers travel about 5 mph above the legal limit and the police do not seem to mind. Speed limits are strictly enforced by radar in many states (especially the eastern highly populated areas). In the western states, enforcement can be much more lax and motorists frequently travel at 85 mph or more. Speeding in any road construction area is strictly enforced with very heavy penalties in most states.

Minimum driving age
The minimum age for driving is 16 in most states but some states will not allow unrestricted driving until 18. Some car rental agencies refuse to rent a car to any person under 25 years of age. Other agencies will rent to young drivers but require an added surcharge. Some car rental agencies in the US will not rent to drivers over 71 years of age. 

State Route Road Sign

Seat belts are required
Nearly all USA states have laws requiring the driver and front passengers to wear seat belts. Many states require children to wear seat belts even in the back seats. Nearly every state requires special child restraint seats for all young children. Most states require motorcyclists to wear helmets.
Old US Route Road Sign

Radar Detectors illegal in some states
Some states permit you to use radar detectors, while other states prohibit them. Many people seem to ignore this prohibition. Some states require you to use daytime running lights during rain.
Interstate Road Sign

Strict enforcement of certain driving laws
The speed limit in front of every school is 15 mph when the warning lights are flashing. You are required to stop in both directions for any school bus with flashing lights. These rules are strictly enforced in every state and have severe penalties for disobedience. Drinking alcohol and driving is also forbidden and strictly enforced in all states.

American Automobile Association Benefits
The American Automobile Association (AAA), commonly called the "triple A", provides some wonderful services to drivers. They have offices in every city and most of the larger towns in the US. If you are a member of a national motor club in your home country, you can receive many of their benefits free of charge by simply showing your membership card. The AAA provides free maps and tourist guides for any city or state in the US. Many hotels offer discounted rates to AAA members. If you do not have a motor club membership in your home country, you can purchase an AAA membership at any office in the US for $39.

The US highway system
The USA has an extensive system of interstate highways and state maintained roads which are great when driving from State to State. Some of the major highways are toll roads often called turnpikes, but most are free. All major interstate highways running north to south have odd numbers and are ordered from I-5 on the Pacific coast to I-95 along the Atlantic coast. All interstates running east to west are evenly numbered beginning with I-8 and I-10 near the Mexican border to I-94 near Canada.


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The Car Hire Group:

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